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Crash: A Lesson Plan

This film highlights the complexities of individuals. Throughout the film we see a variety of people across the city interact with one another in different ways. While an individual appears to be the clear villain in one scene, in the next scene they may appear as a victim. This film dives into the complexity ofContinue reading “Crash: A Lesson Plan”

Racial Comedy

Racial comedy is something that often toes the line between humor and offense. In my experience, I’ve found that I typically enjoy racial comedy when it is performed by someone who is talking about their own experiences. I find it uncomfortable when the comedy is written or performed by someone of a different race orContinue reading “Racial Comedy”

Iggy Azalea

While I don’t think Iggy Azalea intended to offend or harm the Black community through her music, I think there are some valid concerns when it comes to the way she imitated southern Blackness to gain popularity. First, as an Australian white woman, she doesn’t have the same cultural and historical connection to appropriation ofContinue reading “Iggy Azalea”

Whiteness & Ethnicity

While today we have a pretty good concept of who is considered to be a ‘white person’ in the U.S., this definition/image has not always been so clear. In his writing, David Roediger talks about the Not-Yet-White Ethnic group. This term refers to the people who used to be considered not-white, yet over the yearsContinue reading “Whiteness & Ethnicity”

Coyote Nation Reflection

The Coyote Nation excerpts highlighted some of the ways students’ bodies were regulated at the United States Indian Schools in the early 1900s. There was a list shared that laid out a few of the rules students were expected to follow: “We must have clean hands, we must have clean faces, we must not haveContinue reading “Coyote Nation Reflection”

Southlake Podcast

Throughout the Southlake podcast episodes I was continually appalled by the way that parents, teachers, administration, and school board members failed the students of Southlake. Two specific experiences that stood out to me that I’d like to focus on were the experiences of students Raven and M. After hearing a white boy using the n-wordContinue reading “Southlake Podcast”

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